Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dresser Makeover

From the minute I started looking at nursery ideas and picked out the yellow and gray theme - I wanted to buy a junky dresser and make it pretty by painting it yellow - golden yellow - or "Viking" yellow. I bought this dresser at Salvation Army for $45 and a can of golden yellow paint from Lowe's for $10.
 I fell in love with the dresser because it had very modern lines and lots of storage. I was scared it would not fit in the small nursery because it is about 5 feet long, but because it is fairly narrow, it works great. It is perfect for storage and to double as a changing table for Baby.
 After some sanding and a few coats of paint - we had a bright yellow dresser! The problem was the top of the dresser. It had a very shiny coat of finish on the top and even some sanding didn't help the paint to stick to it very well. It was chip off very easily. If I laid a newspaper on the top of it, when pulling the newspaper up, it stuck to the dresser. I gave it one more layer of paint on top, let it dry, then added a couple layers of matte Mod Podge (I LOVE that stuff!). It has helped alot having the extra finish of Mod Podge on the top so things don't stick so much! 
Here are a few pictures of the finished dresser:

The drawers were plain and boring - what better way to spruce them up than some wrapping paper and more Mod Podge? 

There they are - bright blue drawers on the inside!! 

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  1. I love mod podge too!!! I even used it when I was in high school to put burlap on a pair of clogs. I wore those clogs many years!!
    Love the blue surprise color inside the drawers.