Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sienna's Room: Pink Ribbon Window Banner

Remember the Rainbow Ribbon Banner I made for Brecken's Party? Well, I was looking for something unique for Sienna's window without doing curtains. and remembered the ribbon banner I made for Brecken's 2nd Birthday. Doing a ribbon banner isn't the cheapest thing, but I tried hard to find good deals on ribbon.  I bought several shades of pink, white and silver ribbon in different widths. I cut each strip about 10"- 36" long and used various lengths to give fullness. I went through a lot of ribbon since it was to cover the length of a window.

I got a long piece of white ribbon and tied all the strips of ribbons on with a simple knot- doing a pattern with it and making an ombre effect with the pinks. When it was done, I put a few nails above the trim and hung the banner. It was a fairly easy project, it was just very time consuming. I loved the results and now she has something unique for her window. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sienna's Room: Dresser Redo

For a dresser in Sienna's room, I hit up the local Salvation Army which is my favorite place for thrift furniture. This piece was begging for some love and with a price tag of $45 it seemed like a great buy. After taking off the drawer pulls, sanding it down, priming it, and putting some pretty coats of hot pink that I had leftover from my pink bedroom wall at our first house. I spray painted the handles with a few coats of gray spray paint I had on hand.

Here is a sneak peak of her pretty pink dresser. More pictures to come! 

And here is a picture of my big DIY fail. I bought this little vintage dresser first to use as a changing table. Originally, I was going to have two dressers in the room but ended up with one since I messed this one up. I painted the frame of the dresser white and the drawers gray and even bought the prettiest crystal-like knobs. Then, I decided to put the drawers back in. They wouldn't fit. The drawers wouldn't go back in and the one that barely fit, would not open again. I think the paint was too thick that it caused it to not open and close. So the dresser now sits in storage until I can think of a better thing to do with it. I realized I didn't want two dressers in her room anyways. :) 

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Friday, January 10, 2014

3 Months

 This sweet little thing is now three months. It just feels like yesterday she wasn't even born and yet I almost can't remember the days without her. Those little cheeks and thighs are filling out and she is growing like a weed. She can fit in some 0-3 months still and wearing alot of 3-6 month clothing.

Likes: Sienna loves to be held and to be part of the action. She does not want to miss out on anything. She is still a good sleeper and a happy, sweet baby. I put the baby swing away because she wasn't too interested in that any longer, but got the exersaucer out instead since she likes to stand. She is starting to like toys and hold things. Brecken likes to give her toys and ask her "what's wrong sissy?" when she cries. 

Dislikes: Sienna isn't a big fan of bottles - I think she will choke one down if she has to, but definitely doesn't like them. She also does not like tummy time. 

Learning to do: She has rolled over both ways - from tummy to back and from back to tummy. She does not do it often, but she is an active little baby. No longer can I just leave her, she pivots or rolls! She is starting to talk a lot - I love when she does her adorable baby talk!