Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sienna's Room: Pink Ribbon Window Banner

Remember the Rainbow Ribbon Banner I made for Brecken's Party? Well, I was looking for something unique for Sienna's window without doing curtains. and remembered the ribbon banner I made for Brecken's 2nd Birthday. Doing a ribbon banner isn't the cheapest thing, but I tried hard to find good deals on ribbon.  I bought several shades of pink, white and silver ribbon in different widths. I cut each strip about 10"- 36" long and used various lengths to give fullness. I went through a lot of ribbon since it was to cover the length of a window.

I got a long piece of white ribbon and tied all the strips of ribbons on with a simple knot- doing a pattern with it and making an ombre effect with the pinks. When it was done, I put a few nails above the trim and hung the banner. It was a fairly easy project, it was just very time consuming. I loved the results and now she has something unique for her window. 

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