Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sienna's Room: Dresser Redo

For a dresser in Sienna's room, I hit up the local Salvation Army which is my favorite place for thrift furniture. This piece was begging for some love and with a price tag of $45 it seemed like a great buy. After taking off the drawer pulls, sanding it down, priming it, and putting some pretty coats of hot pink that I had leftover from my pink bedroom wall at our first house. I spray painted the handles with a few coats of gray spray paint I had on hand.

Here is a sneak peak of her pretty pink dresser. More pictures to come! 

And here is a picture of my big DIY fail. I bought this little vintage dresser first to use as a changing table. Originally, I was going to have two dressers in the room but ended up with one since I messed this one up. I painted the frame of the dresser white and the drawers gray and even bought the prettiest crystal-like knobs. Then, I decided to put the drawers back in. They wouldn't fit. The drawers wouldn't go back in and the one that barely fit, would not open again. I think the paint was too thick that it caused it to not open and close. So the dresser now sits in storage until I can think of a better thing to do with it. I realized I didn't want two dressers in her room anyways. :) 

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  1. Oooo lala! Autumn! You need to share this awesomeness over at my Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday party next week! Pretty please - link it up!! :) Oh and that one sitting in storage is oh-so-cute! Hope you can find something to do with it.....

  2. This deff caught my eye!! Furniture redos are one of my favorite projects to do! And the pink is sooo bold, I love it!! Found you on Kammy Korner!