Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Big is Baby? 29 Weeks!

This month the Baby is as big as a squash! I can start to believe that!! :)
Photo from

Here is the bump this week: 

The hubby and I with our growing son that we get to meet in 11 or so weeks! :) Woohoo! 

We stopped at Babies-R-Us last night and found this pacifier for the "future soccer player." Isn't it adorable?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

28 Weeks!

Little Todd is 28 weeks this week... only 12 more (or 13 if I am late) left to go! I did scheduling at work this week and started to PANIC that April is basically almost done. I realized I have so much left to do (or things I would like to do...not sure if they HAVE to get done) and there will be alot going on from now to then. This starts to be a busier time at work with wedding season starting in again. 

The painting is not quite finished in the nursery and then I have to start searching for a dresser, chair and make some art. I better get going on that... Little Todd will be here before we know it! 

Today he decided to lodge some limb in my side (not sure what he was pressing on) - but it hurt for basically the entire afternoon. I heard it only gets worse. Oh joy :) Lots to look forward to in the coming months as we have learned in our birth class! 

Here are the Belly Pics this week:

A Real Belly Shot:

So how am I doing on my maternity clothes challenge? I have only spent $15 on "maternity" clothes. I did buy a pair of knit pants that have a stretchy waist band that I wear to work a few times a week. They are pretty comfy and look nice with dressy clothes - but they are not "maternity" pants and I would actually wear them after baby so they don't count. One of my friends is letting me borrow a bag of her maternity clothes  - so nice of her! :) I am still wearing mostly normal clothes; like the tank in the picture is just a long dressy tank and it still covers the belly. I definitely think my challenge of only spending $100 on actual maternity clothes is doable - and my prediction at this stage is that I will come UNDER budget. I would love that! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

27 Weeks!

Baby P or "Little Todd" as I have been referring to him as.... has been growing more! He is about 2 pounds now! Crazy! I can feel his little kicks constantly - as Todd puts it - "soccer player in training" :) I am at that comfortable stage right now... where I actually look pregnant to strangers but I am not HUGE...yet! Maybe my belly could stay this size and he could still grow? I know it doesn't work that way.. but I wish.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nursery: Before Pictures

Here is what the nursery looked like a couple weeks ago- a Before picture. We used it as an "office" aka. a place to hold papers and where we would throw things to tidy up the rest of the rooms when someone was coming over. The room had two desks - one for each of us, a bookshelf, and the closet stored with extra bags, office supplies and scrapbook supplies. Now I have to find a new home for all this stuff - what a fun job! (can you sense my sarcasm?)

What does the room look like right now? 

Yup - one big mess... 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

26 Weeks

I am at 26 weeks this week and baby is still the size of an eggplant. I am still having the strangest dreams - I think this past week has been the craziest. Last night I had a dream about a robot/alien attacking the city I was in (anyone seen Battle LA? Those robot/aliens) and I was desperately trying to get away, I have had dreams about movies I have watched, one dream about having twin boys and then them turning into dogs, and having a 13 pound baby at 25 weeks. Yes. I have had some strange dreams. I guess it is all part of it... 

How have I been doing with my maternity clothes challenge of only spending $100 on "maternity" clothes? Well I got two shirts this weekend.. for free. So I still remain at only spending $15. $85 left I can spend. I posted yesterday about some of my goals - and one of them is to learn to coupon and get things for great deals. has great coupons sometimes and I printed off some "$3 off a maternity apparel item" when I saw them posted a few weeks ago. I browsed the sale racks and found 2 t-shirts for $2.48 each - using 2 $3 off coupons - I got them for FREE! :) I like free!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

25 Before I turn 25

I wrote for my "New Years" post about not having any resolutions/goals for the new year because I had my own list of goals to accomplish before my birthday and never returned to that topic. Last June I wrote a list of goals for myself to get done before my birthday. I called it my "24 goals before I turned 24" List. Here are some of the goals that I accomplished from June - February:

* Go to the Dentist :)
* Seal the Grout
* Clean out the Garage and park two cars in the garage
* Finish the retaining wall in our basement
* Finish our Honeymoon Scrapbook
* Get window covering for all the windows without (I lived almost 3 years in the house without blinds on some windows! It was about time!)
* Give the Master Bedroom a mini-makeover
* Read the New Testament
* Read 15 books (amazing because I barely read a whole book since graduating)
* Try 24 new recipes (Todd liked this one!)

And of course there were others...

So this birthday I sat down and made a new list. I am hoping that I can accomplish it all before my birthday next year. My birthday is Valentine's Day - so my deadline to finish this list is Feb. 14, 2012.

25 Goals Before I Turn 25
  1.          Read the whole Bible
  2.          Start a vegetable garden and plant flowers in my garden
  3.          Learn to Crochet/Knit
  4.          Sew a Quilt
  5.          Learn how to coupon
  6.          Take Surveys online to get gift cards
  7.          Repaint the Deck and spruce it up
  8.          Print off/document photos from the last three years
  9.          Decorate a nursery
  10. Paint all the trim/doors in the house
  11. Build a Piece of Furniture
  12. Get better at taking photos 
  13. Try to further my Arbonne business
  14. Buy my first Mac Computer
  15. Rearrange and spruce up the Basement
  16. Update the Upstairs Bathroom
  17. Redecorate the Basement Bathroom and fix up some things
  18. Spruce up a few things in the Kitchen and living room
  19. Get Window Boxes on the front of the house
  20. Reupholster a piece of furniture
  21. Blog regularly 
  22. Make the Guest Bedroom a place guests would like to stay
  23. Continue to build up our savings and start a College Fund for Baby
  24. Exercise 230 Times
  25. Read 25 Books – at least 12 “personal growth”

So there we have it - the inevitable goal list. It really helps me focus on things that I think are important and want to accomplish. I have been working on some... but I better get busy! :)