Friday, January 2, 2015

12, 13, & 14

Oh man, I have been so behind on blogging! So I am doing a recap of her last few months of photos and what she has been doing lately. Blogging is my way to document her milestones so I feel like I need to continue it until she is 2 since that is what I did for Brecken. 

Here are some details about her right now:

*This girl is a squeezable little honey with an amazing sweet smile that can melt your heart with a bit of spice. I love seeing her little personality come out but Todd and I both agree that we are in for it with this one. :)
*She has been walking for a while, now she is almost running at times.
* She can smile on cue sometimes giving her extremely cheesy smile. I just love it.
* She is starting to say a few words: Mama, Dada, Baba (for Bauer, our dog), hi, and she learned some sign language when she eats - more, please, and food.
* She LOVES her dolls and pushing them around their strollers and throws a fit when she runs into things and can't move the stroller.
*She really LOVES cell phones as well. She will pick mine up whenever she sees it laying around and say "hi." 
*She loves food and will get super excited when she sees me getting her a treat. She gives me a special smile for when I bring her chocolate. A girl after my own heart!
*She also has started a habit of squealing when she wants more food or when she wants something. I do not like this habit! :/
*Some times Brecken and Sienna get along great and the next minute fighting. He is taking away a toy and she is screaming. Oh sibling rivalry...
* Right now this girl is still sleeping well - through the night and still taking two naps a day - most of the time. She seems like she is grumpy when she only gets one nap in... I'm sure soon I will transition her to only one nap.
*Lately she has been teething - getting her "fang" teeth - they have been brutal on her at times. Poor babe.
*Christmas was more fun for her this year with her trying to open gifts and getting excited with the stuff that she got.