Monday, April 30, 2012

9 month photo shoot

Recently, I did a little 9 month photo shoot of my little man. Here they are... enjoy! :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

9 Months

My little baby is turning into a little boy and now he is 9 months old. It is hard to believe he is already that old! 9 months has brought alot of new changes as well and Brecken is constantly doing new things! He has 5 teeth, but it looks as though his 6th will poke through someday soon. Breck is crawling super fast and tries to be sneaky and scale the stairs or try to put his hand in the toilet when I'm not looking. Only the second time of sitting in a cart at Target, he had figured out how to get out of the buckle and was almost standing up in the cart. I have a feeling this kid will be a handful (well he kinda already is).

A couple of weeks ago we happened to capture his standing on his own on video. It shocked me that my little baby was standing on his own - he hasn't really done it again but I am sure soon he will be doing that all the time! He is now walking along things and loves to push his dinosaur walker around the family room floor. At his last doctor's appointment, the doctor said he may be walking around 10 months. Yikes! He measured in the 75% for his height at 28.7 inches, but only the 15 percentile for his weight at 17.9 pounds.

It is crazy how much new stuff he does each time I blog. It is so fun to see him grow and discover new things each day, although it is bittersweet to see him grow. I just love his happy and outgoing personality that he is developing. Althought I love seeing new developments to his personality and mobility, his smile funny babbling and "kisses" (open mouth kisses on the lips that only Todd and I find welcoming) are my favorite parts of being his mom.