Wednesday, September 24, 2014

11 months

Oh man, we are just a week from being 1. That is so crazy! I can't believe that my sweet little teeny, tiny baby is walking and super active. I just love this goofy girl! 

Loves/Learning to do: Walking! She is off. Just last week it was a walk/crawl combo. Now is it mostly  just walking, but she still crawls a bit. She is getting faster and better every day. She still falls alot but is confident. 

Sienna loves to splash alot in the bathtub, loves playing with all her brother's toys, and throwing every cup out of the kid dish drawer. She loves eating her snacks at the little table and looks so grown up sitting there eating. Three new teeth are making an appearance which makes 11. She babbles and isn't really saying "momma" very much anymore, but when she drops her cup she tries to say "uh oh." Her little personality is starting to come out and I think she is gonna be a little feisty and funny.