Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a ______ Our Gender Reveal Party

We found out what we were having on Monday - Valentine's Day. What a fun day!! :) It was nice to FINALLY know what we were having! Yay! 

Here is our favorite picture of our little Sweet P... Baby looks like it is laughing

We had a little gender reveal party at our house yesterday with our families - we missed our brothers Skyller and Jared - but everyone else was able to come. Our family was finally excited to find out what we were having after almost a week of knowing ourselves. They would find out by eating a cupcake with a gumball in the center - the color would tell them the gender.

Some Boy and Girl Decorations...

We had a few different treats we served. White Chocolate covered pretzel sticks with blue or pink sugar.

We took a Gender Poll to see what everyone thought we were having. 

The Spread. 

Puppy Chow, Pretzels, Jelly Beans, Blue Juice or Pink Lemonade, and of course the cupcakes. 

We took a couple pictures of the "teams" 

Team Girl:

 Team Boy: 

Here are the infamous cupcakes that everyone was waiting for. They held the answer of what we were having...

 Everyone opening up the cupcake... 
 It's a.... 
 We are having a Baby Boy!! :) We are so excited! 

Bella is excited to have a little brother! 

So we are halfway done with our pregnancy! 20 weeks til we meet our SON! Woohoo! 


  1. Autumn!! You guys are so creative. I love the party you hosted with all the anticipation. I'm so happy for you guys. I can't wait to meet your son either. Love you,.

  2. yay!! how exciting!! and so creative too. congratulations again!