Sunday, February 27, 2011

21 Weeks and my Maternity Clothes Challenge

21 Weeks this week and baby is the size of a Banana (which I partly don't get when Baby was a Cantaloupe last week...) Woohoo... Coming along! 
 So I realized after I uploaded this photo that you really can't see the bump good - but I feel like I actually have a bump and people can actually tell that I am preggo now (and not just pudgy)
Baby is the size of a Banana! 

So my Maternity Clothes Challenge... I have challenged myself to only spend $100 on maternity clothes while being pregnant. I think it is totally doable and it will force to me be creative...but why spend a ton of money on clothes I will only wear for a few months? I have alot of empire waisted dresses and some stretchy skirts, along with some billowy non-pregnant shirts and long tanks, so I think I can get through with just getting some plain tops and pairing them with one of the 15 cardigans I have... 

So what I have bought so far? 

I have bought a pair of maternity jeans (which I broke out tonight- and wow are they comfy!) on clearance at Old Navy for $7. 

I have also bought a belly band from Forever 21 for $8 which keeps my regular pants up but allows me to keep them unbuttoned. Genius Idea...

Here is the Belly band in action holding up my pre-preggo jeans... They make my pants pretty comfy (not as good as my maternity jeans - I think I am in love) When your shirt is pulled down  - it looks like I am wearing a long black tank top.

 So that is all I have bought for my challenge - total is a whopping $15. $85 left to spend. 
 My wonderful sis-in-law gave me some adorable maternity shirts for my birthday - I don't count these in my total because it was a gift! 

So do you think I can do it? Only spend $100 on maternity clothes or is that totally unrealistic? I'll keep ya posted on that one... 

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  1. You can definitely do it! You are so creative. It is a convenient thing you are pregnant now and having the baby in the summer, buying winter clothes and big maternity coats is a more expensive challenge. If your feet puff up at the end, flip flops always work awesome and you won't be battling tight shoes.