Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 22

So this week I am at 22 weeks. This week Sweet P is the size of a Papaya. I realized after putting up the picture that Baby will be staying this size for a while... so no surprise in the next couple weeks... but I will still put up pictures of the bump. 
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So I realized after downloading these pictures how pathetic my bump looks in these pictures. I feel like it does not do justice to what I think my bump really looks like. I feel in the last couple days my stomach has grown alot! People actually can tell I am pregnant without me telling them I am. Woo hoo! I guess that is a milestone huh? :) 

Week 22 has not been a very good week though... I am just recovering from a GI Virus (Stomach virus)... YUCK! I felt pretty tired on Thursday (but what is new... I am pregnant!) and then I woke up on Friday morning and felt like a truck hit me. I had a terrible stomach ache, felt nauseous and felt like I had a fever. I worked a few hours then came home and slept and felt even worse... body aches, chills, feverish. Saturday I felt alot better but then Sunday I felt just worn out and like my fever was back. Sunday night I tossed and turned from awful stomach pains and from worry... not knowing what this was! I called the hospital the next morning who confirmed this was just a virus going around... I started to feel better Monday and Tuesday and today I finally feel pretty good. They said it could take up to a week to get over this so hopefully it is finally out of my system!! I have been eating lots of crackers and toast lately to not upset my stomach, but I have been craving a Culver's Cheeseburger Kids Meal all week. I think I am finally up to eating it so now hopefully the hubby picks one up on his way from work! :) 

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  1. well I sure hope you are feeling better! I remember I got the flu REALLY bad on Easter Sunday before I had Faresse! oh my, bad enough to have some morning sickness let alone having the flu and missing all the yummy Easter dinner food :( Will pray you have a better week. I love you bunches and bunches!!!!!