Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good bye Brandi

This past week has been hard for Todd and I as we had to put our lovable five-year old chocolate lab Brandi to sleep. She had cancer and the past couple weeks she was not the same dog that we loved. We noticed a couple tumors last fall on her and finally we had to get them removed late November. They told us when we had them taken out that they were an aggressive type of cancer that had a very good chance of coming back and spreading. In January we noticed the tumor coming back on her backside, but this time it came back faster and bigger than the last tumor. Besides the tumor, she still seemed like the same Brandi but with less energy. We noticed she just seemed more tired and would lay down often. Just a couple weeks ago she stopped wanting to eat her normal dog food. This was strange because she could barely stand waiting for me to put the food in her bowl before. He breathing became louder and in the past couple weeks it was as though her whole body would shake as she breathed. She lost alot of weight and was all skin and bones. The last few days she won't even eat the wet dog food we had gotten her and she became so skinny. You would have to call her name several times before she managed to get up and respond to you. She had sad eyes and it was almost like she was telling us she was in pain. It is so hard with a dog to know if you are doing the right thing or when the right time is. They can't verbally tell you when they are in pain. Just looking into Brandi's eyes, she looked in pain. It was hard but we felt it was right. It has been weird the last day and a half not having her around. 

I found it hard at times to have two dogs - they were a handful at times. I could not stand the drooling that came everytime I was making dinner or eating in front of her. I hated vacuuming up all the hair she shed. I hated when she barked to come inside or jumped on the windows.  But now I almost miss it. Besides those things (which was all because she was a lab and couldn't help the drooling or shedding...) she was a great dog. She always came when you called and desperately wanted to be by your side always. You could always count on her to keep you company. She would bark when she was not with you -but it was because she was that attached that she wanted to be by your side. I remember when she liked to take a few Sunday walks around the neighborhood and knew I wasn't happy when I finally found her. I remember just a couple weeks ago when I wondered where the dogs were and found Brandi eating some cupcakes (for the reveal party we had...) She could get into trouble, but for the most part just enjoyed being with Todd and I. Her and Bella were best friends and that was always apparent. Brandi loved going to the dog park, snackin on a bone, treats, jumping and lakes and walks. I know it was the right thing to do to stop her pain, but I miss her already. I never understood what it was like to loose a pet until now. It is hard because you care for them and they become part of your family. We will miss Brandi alot - she entertained us and was always our faithful friend. 

Here are some good memories and photos of "Big Brands" as we called her alot.... 

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