Saturday, May 26, 2012

10 Months

 Little Man is 10 months old! There is only about 6 weeks til he is one. This year has gone so fast!! Brecken has been so close to walking this week. He walks around everything he possibly can - but now stops holding onto the couch, stands by himself, and tries to take a step, then falls. I am excited to see him walk, but then I know that will open a can of worms. This kid already gets into everything - cupboards, oven drawers, shelves, and basically anything an exploring baby could manage to get into. He loves to explore but hates to be contained to an exercauser, high chair, ect for very long. Roaming the floor is his favorite activity, and of course trying to scale the stairs while looking at me first to see if I see him sneaking up them.  Lately, I have discovered that he LOVES kid cars (like those Cozy Coupes). He sits in them and has the happiest face I've ever seen. Is he all boy or what?
He now has 8 teeth and loves trying new food. Last night I let him try ice cream and he had a mini meltdown when I wouldn't give him any more. I think this kid will have no problem eating cake on his birthday! He loves sweet things already!
Just this last week, he has been saying "mamamama." This is the best sound in the world!! :) I'm not sure if he knows I'm Mama - but he's starting to say it! He seems to be growing lately - I have him in alot of 12 month clothes/9 -12 month clothes but some still seems too big for him. He is a skinny little peanut.

These last two pictures really capture how daring he is - he is always trying all these dangerous things.... crazy boy!