Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brecken's Nursery: Lanterns & Puffs

When I was looking for nursery inspiration photos for the baby, even before I knew we were having a boy, I fell in love with pictures of hanging works of art consisting of lanterns and "puffs" as I call the tissue paper balls. Whether it was a boy or girl, I was bound to have one of these works of arts. Once I found out it was a boy, I started to plan the yellow and gray nursery and this was one key element I was going to have. 
 I had two unused white lanterns in my house that I had in college and I ordered a pack of tealish blue Martha Stewart lanterns off of Amazon to help tie in some different textures into the mobile. I then made yellow and blue puffs from tissue paper. I attached clear fishing line to all the puffs and lanterns so I could hang them.

I also made a dot garland from gray paper. I used a circle punch to make the dots then used my sewing machine to tie them together.

I had a board laying around my house so I drilled holes into the board. Then I strung the fishing line through the holes to hang the puffs and lanterns, using a strong tape to attach them to the top of the board. I then drilled the board of puffs and lanterns to ceiling. I later used a staple gun to reinforce the fishing line to the board.

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  1. I love this! So cute :) Hope your doing well