Friday, November 25, 2011

Last Black Friday

To my Sweet Brecken boy - One year ago from today we saw you for the very first time. Thanksgiving was exciting last year because we were so excited about the news of having you and knowing the next day that we would get to see you for the first time! Last Thanksgiving you were the size of a raspberry in my tummy and now you are such a big boy! Seeing you for the first time was so exciting! You were already the squirmy little boy you are today.  Your daddy and I were a little nervous because we were hoping you were ok in my tummy and you were. We saw you for the first time and got our first picture (first of MANY!) of you. You still had a tail in the picture and this was before we knew you were our sweet boy joy! So much has changed in the past year and we are incredibly blessed to have you Brecken!  
Love, Your Mommy

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