Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brecken's Nursery: Frame Makeover

There was a large wall in Brecken's Room that needed some kind of wall hanging. I already had my two painted canvases so I needed something that was a bit different. I went to Goodwill and bought some old & (ugly! Do you seen the one with the dolls in it?) frames. I then bought white, golden yellow, blue and dark gray spray paint to makeover the frames.

They turned out pretty awesome. I then put a variety of photos and mementos in the frames. Two of the frames feature a picture of Todd and I as babies with our parents. We then have a picture of us with Brecken in another.

 Another frame has the lyrics of "Jesus Loves Me"

One particular frame was pretty big and had a sturdy piece of cardboard as part of its backing. I decided I wanted to use this as a chalkboard. I had some leftover chalkboard paint so I painted the piece of cardboard with it. It turned out pretty cool.

 Other frames have Brecken's footprints from the hospital, his ultrasound photo, a mirror, a piece of artwork a friend made, a photo of our dog Bella, and a newborn photo of Brecken.

One of the frames I bought did not have a back on it. I picked up a chipboard letter "P" and a pack of buttons.
I covered the letter in white tissue paper and glued the yellow, dark gray, and light gray buttons on it with a hot glue gun. I tied on a piece of white ribbon to the letter. I put two nails in the wall for the hollow frame to sit on and then tied the ribbon to these nails to give the letter the illusion of floating.

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