Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Little Baby

I snapped these pictures of Sienna the other day trying to capture her little features. I just can't get enough of her sweet little baby noises or her cuddles. I just LOVE her brown eyes, little lips, long fingers, elf ears, kissable tummy and cute little yawns. 

Thanks to my mom for taking these pictures... 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meeting His Sister

I saw these amazing pictures on Pinterest/blog of a big sister meeting her younger sibling. They were so  beautiful, capturing all the first moments of the older sibling meeting the baby. I really wanted to capture these first moments of Brecken meeting Sienna. Thanks to my mom for getting these pictures! 

So excited to meet his sister! 

Baby was getting her blood drawn so he had to wait in the hallway for a minute. He kept trying to peak in the room. 

Seeing Sienna for the first time 

First family photo 

My TWO kiddos! 

Big Bro and Sweet Pea 

Smiley Sweet Pea 

Ready to head home