Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I can't believe how nice it has been outside lately! Todd and I have had a few nights of grilling out and we still can't believe we are eating outside in the beginning/middle of April. It has been just such beautiful weather!!
With the beautiful weather comes spring cleaning!! One thing that was desperately calling out to us was our dirty garage!! We just got new carpet in our guest bedroom downstairs so by doing that we were able to get the bed, mattress and nightstands out of the garage. Pictures to come soon of that room - once we do a little more work on it!
So this is a sad before of our garage. In the almost 2 years of living in our house we have never parked two cars in our garage... because of junk...

I took an after picture ... but there is still alot of junk!! We still have a couple trips to haul the junk away... so I will post when that is done... I am so excited about being able to park two cars in our garage!

In the last year and a half of living in our house - I have discovered a new love: Decorating!
I LOVE being creative and figuring out ways to redo something without spending tons of money. I only fuel this love by perusing blogs and recording HGTV shows to watch later. My head constantly is swimming with ideas...a couple rooms have become done on my list Alot of projects have gotten done but there is still alot more to do. Our house is coming out of the 70s... step by step. I would like to start to slowly show projects I have done so far and show some before and after pictures so you can see where our house has come....along way!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Bella and Brandi!!

I know this is a little crazy - bunny ears on my dogs, but I don't have kids to dress up so I dress them up for fun... haha. I found these ears at Target for $1 a couple months ago so I grabbed a pair because I thought it would be fun to catch a few pictures of them... They sat around until I remembered about them today. With a pepperoni in one hand and the camara in the other I snapped a few snapshots that just cracked me up! If you are wondering why the dogs are looking up in the pictures - it is the tempting treat of pepperoni above their heads.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter! Remember the true reason for this holiday - that Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we can go to Heaven with him - and then he rose again! We are so thankful for this wonderful Gift of Jesus and our salvation!