Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Months

He is 5 months ALREADY! Crazy! It seems like alot of new things have been happening lately - in just the last week! He is officially on the move. He has been very wiggly and squirmy lately, but now he is on the move. Just the other night he started army crawling and can get whatever he wants now. Uh Oh!  Time to baby proof the house! Lately he has been scooting towards the presents under the tree and trying to open one. He did open one the other night all by himself. I feed him rice cereal for the first time a couple weeks ago and have tried a few times since, but he doesn't always love it.
He also slept in his own room a few nights ago. This was a big step for him, but an even bigger step for Mommy :) He is still waking up around 3 am and 6 am. I thought by putting him in his own room maybe I wouldn't have to wake up as many times, but this isn't the case. It is alot worse to have to walk across the hall to put his pacifier in his mouth or feed him than it was to roll over and attend to him when he was in the pack-and-play by my bed. I have been pretty tired the last few nights.
He is such a happy baby (except when tired and hungry). He thinks his doggie, Bella is hilarious and will shriek and giggle at her all the time.
He fits in a couple 0 - 3 month things, a few 6 - 9 month things, but is mostly in 3 - 6 months clothes. Although I hate having him grow up, it is so fun to see all the cool things he discovers and starts to do. He has such a personality and is starting to get so active.... I LOVE IT! :)

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