Tuesday, March 22, 2011

24 Weeks!

I am at 24 weeks this week! Baby is still the size of a papaya. The bump is definitely getting bigger! 

Last week Todd and I started our baby class/birth class at Mayo. It seems kind of early, but we had a conflict later so it was the only one we could really fit into our schedules. It was interesting to learn some new things. My family came for Friday night and Saturday and it was so fun to have them here. My mom, sister and I did some shopping and I found these on a great sale. Can you get much cuter than tiny baby plaid shorts? ADORABLE! :)

How am I doing on my maternity clothes challenge? Still have only spent $15 dollars. Woohoo! I did get a few cute pregnancy shirts given to me which was such a blessing. I may have to break down and finally buy some work pants but so far the belly band and my longer shirts are working just fine!

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