Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rainbow Ribbon Banner

I wanted to make something special for Brecken's Noah's Ark birthday table display. Since rainbows are part of the Noah's Ark theme, I decided I wanted to make a rainbow ribbon banner. 

I had a box of ribbons that I wasn't really using so I tried to use as many of those ribbons as possible. I picked up a few more spools of cheap ribbon from Walmart to supplement what I already had. 

I found long strong string and cut the ribbons, varying the length a bit to give the banner some interest. I then simply tied the ribbon onto the string and did this many times over in each color. 

 It is starting to look a bit better. 

 Here is the end result! It added alot to the Noah's Ark table and I think I may make it into a fun skirt for Baby girl at some point! 

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