Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Noah's Ark Cake

Growing up, my mom made us the coolest cakes for our themed birthday parties. I always enjoyed seeing her creativity in all the cakes and all the love poured into them! I always wanted to do fun cakes for my kids although baking is not my thing.

This year's birthday theme for Brecken was Noah's Ark or a two-by-two theme. I wanted to make an ark cake and rainbow cupcakes. I was inspired by a tiny picture on Pinterest of an ark cake, but couldn't find anything larger so I kinda winged it. 

Here is how I made the cake: I baked a 9 x 13 cake as well as a cake in a bread pan. I cut the large cake in half and stacked it up then put the bread pan cake on top. I used a jelly roll pan wrapped in foil as the base for the cake to sit on. Next I used frosting as glue and stuck graham crackers all around the base and on the bread layer as well. I split a cracker in half to make doors. I used four full cracker pieces for the top of the cake and also added a cracker as a ramp. I bought a $3 pack of animals in the toy aisle at Walmart. Many of the animals had a partner - thank goodness since it is a Noah's Ark Cake! I mixed up some green frosting and used this as grass and to stick the animals to the pan to make the scene. I added some animals to the ark as well. I wrote his name on the cake with a small tube of detail icing. 

Brecken LOVED his cake and it was worth the time to make it for him! 

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