Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How it's Going...

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my unexpected diagnosis (sounds so serious!) of Gestational Diabetes. The post probably sounded negative because that was the day I found out. I was shocked,  blindsided, confused on what to eat and kinda just mad. Last pregnancy went so well and this one was going just as good. I did not expect to have this complication but like I said last time, things don't always go as planned. I thought I would just write a little "follow up" to that post.

A few days later after I found out about the diabetes, I met with a nutritionist. This was SO helpful and suddenly I felt so much better. I could in fact have carbs, fruit and sweets - I just have to monitor it. She gave me a certain number of carbs I could have at each meal and for snacks. I kinda liken it to Weight Watchers and their "point" system and you have to stay in your range of "points." You need carbs for energy (and to grow a baby!) but what you need is also a huge problem so it needs to be so limited. Fruit, carbs - like potatoes, pasta, breads, cereal, crackers, ect, and sweets are all the things you need to limit big time. Meat, eggs, cheese (hallelujah!), vegetables and many fats like mayo, ranch dressing, ect are "free" foods that you can eat as much as you want without watching your carb counts.

Since that appointment I have met with the nutritionist again, and gone to the midwives twice. Last appointment the baby was measuring right where she should be, the time before she was still measuring big. It is reassuring to hear they can be wrong when they do the measuring. Also, I have lost 3 pounds :) All this self-control is paying off. Less to lose later! (Just looking for the silver lining in this situation!)

So far the diet is working and I am still checking my blood sugar four times a day. As long as I can keep 20% of my numbers under where they need to be, I can just do the diet. This gives me serious motivation, yet there are days when I get frustrated. Being pregnant is your worst enemy when it comes to this diet because of course all I crave is carbs, sweets and fruit. I get some but in such small doses, but I feel like I am hungry all the time. I have this great app on my iPhone that will tell me how many carbs something is. The hardest is eating out because that is usually where I have experienced some off numbers.

At least the diet is working! I can do this for the next 8 weeks, I am just hoping it is done after that. Because let me tell you, I already have my hospital meals all planned out :)

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