Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gimpy Limpy

Brandi - or Gimpy Limpy - as we have been calling her the past week because she is having alot of problems with BOTH paws. So last weekend I looked outside and saw blood all over the snow. I kinda freaked out - but we finally found the cause - Brandi had a broken nail. So after stopping the bleeding we put on a little make shift bandage with a sock. She hated it but it worked...

So a few days ago I looked outside and saw blood again.... It was her other paw now.
It wouldn't stop bleeding so we took her into the vet the next day and found that this time she had a growth on her paw that split open - so now we have to keep her paw protected. Brandi hates her sock and she has chewed through many socks already. She is funny to watch because she just hobbles around... Poor doggie :(

So Todd brought home some beautiful roses for me... I thought this was a cute picture of Bella smelling the roses.

This is another cute one of Bella... She is just such a cute dog!!! :)

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