Sunday, July 10, 2011

40 Weeks - Yup I made it.

Yup, I made it to 40 weeks. I am 40 weeks and 3 days today. I know it is a good thing that Little Todd has had plenty of time to "bake" and he should be "well done" but I just want to meet him! When I would go in for my check-ups the midwives would remind me that alot of first time moms go late. That was always in my mind - but a small part of me really thought I would go on or closer to my due date. I was really hoping for the 
7-7-11 date, but didn't happen. It is hard for a planner and not-so-patient person like me to wait - and waiting I have been doing. I have gotten the nursery all done except for his name over his bed (I need to post some pictures!!), the house fairly cleaned, and have started to clean random closets and cupboards. At least I am being fairly productive!
 I feel good and the heat has not been to hard on me so I have that to be very thankful for. At least I am not miserable! I think the worst is at night. It is alot of tossing and turning, a couple bathroom breaks and of course dreams of meeting my son. I am hopeful every night that "this might be the night I go into labor" and my mind plays tricks on me thinking that contractions have started - but they haven't. 
Todd and I have been going on alot of "last" dates lately, so we have been spending alot of time together. Every date we go on we think it could be our last as a family of two. I haven't really felt like cooking and we keep using it as an excuse that we will never be a family of two again. It is kinda getting expensive... he may need to come soon! 
They temporarily scheduled my induction date for July 20. I really hope I don't need it - but at least I know there is an end in sight and I will get to meet my son soon! I cannot wait!! 
Here is another photo of my 40 week bump. I really hope this is the last and there is no 41 week bump picture :)

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