Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Months Old

I can't believe Brecken is 3 months already - that last month went fast... and I realized a month ago was the last time I blogged - I need to get better at this. I also need to get nursery pictures up soon as well!

This past month he has learned to roll over - both ways! He still is wearing some of his 0 - 3 months clothes and in some 3 - 6 month clothes as well. He is a growing boy! He can keep his head up really well and we recently got his exersaucer out for him to play in and he loves it! He also loves sitting in his bumbo seat and has recently started liking tv - yes he is getting started a little early! The sleep at night was really good for a while and the past couple nights he has been getting up a few times. Hopefully it gets better soon!
Breck is still so cuddly - I love that and hope that does not go away for a long time!

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