Saturday, February 28, 2015

15 & 16 months

This girl turns 17 months tomorrow and I am terrible at updating it every month. But here is a quick update on her lately (and so I can remember later what she was like at this age)

Likes/Learning to do: Basically lately her life could be summed up with babies and Frozen - her two favorite things. She loves her baby dolls and walks around with them, puts them in the stroller, pulls them back out and does this all day. Her obsession with Frozen has started early if you ask me. She is mesmerized by the movie, knows which songs are Frozen and carries around her little dolls and book. 

She is super girly-girl and wants me to put lip gloss on her several times when I get ready in the morning- she won't leave me alone. The other day I had to get out my cup full of bracelets to keep her occupied, which did work for about 10 minutes. She loves to have her nails painted and likes to put on bracelets, a princess gown and crown. We call her princess quite a bit. :) Lately I have found her sitting with Brecken trying to build legos. She likes to color - although she did bite off the top of a marker the other day-oops. Her hair has been getting longer and more curly - it is fun to be able to do different things with it like ponytails and little clips. 

Words: I absolutely love hearing her learn to talk with her sweet little voice. Oh my goodness. 
Her words right now: Mommy, Daddy, hi, bye, baby, stinky (while holding her nose, my favorite), Baba (Bauer- the dog), ma (more), lala (elsa), naanaa (Anna),  nigh night, eyes, and she has the funniest growl she does when she sees a picture of a lion, monster or dinosaur. I'm sure there are more I forgetting...

Here are a few different expressions from the last couple month shoots...

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