Friday, April 24, 2015

17 & 18 months

I was wayyyy better updating the blog with Brecken than I am with Sienna. Sorry Girly...

Here are some things this girl is into:
- Frozen- she LOVES Frozen - She even learned "Let it go" She asks to watch the movie a lot!
- Dressing up - she would wear tutu skirts, necklaces and a crown all the time if I let her
- Books - I love when I find her sitting in her room quietly reading books
- Babies! She still loves those dolls!
- the iPad! Sometimes screaming for it!
- loves giving knuckles and high fives
- Does lots of animal noises: lion/dinosaur/tiger/monster, penguin, dog, cat, monkey, duck, cow, pig
- She has such a love for Brecken (or B as she calls him). Brecken's teacher said that she saw him the other day when he was in school and she was in childcare while I was in MOPS. She saw him in the hall on her way to play in the gym and yelled for him. I loved this story that she just thinks so much of him. They also get in wayyy more trouble together. :) I love when they give each other hugs.
- I do not love when she screams when she wants something. She has not learned "drink" or "water" so she just screams when she wants a drink during meals.
-She has been more cuddly more lately - every morning, Todd will get her from her crib and she will ask for "mommy, mommy" and then lay in bed and cuddle with me while I try to wake up for the day (totally NOT a morning person)

Words she knows:
-Her favorite characters: Melmo, Elsa, and Anna, and just tonight - Wally
-"B" for Brecken, Mommy and Daddy, Ba-Ba for Bauer
- "Pees" (please) "Ma" (more) "Nack" (Snack)
- "Owww..." "uh-oh" "stinky"
- "teeth" and "gummies"
- "Nigh nigh" "bye" "walk"
- I feel like there are lots more I just can't remember them! Sometimes she just sits there and just chats to herself

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