Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness

Goodness it has been a while since I blogged... So here are a couple highlights of our March... March Madness :)

1) Aaron Shust Concert - My in-laws got tickets for Todd and I (and the whole family) to go to this great was a fun! :)

This is a picture of my sis-in-law, Hilary, my brother-in-law's girlfriend, Kristen, and me... we all kinda look alike...haha :)

2) Todd's Birthday

Happy Birthday Todd! Todd turned 26 on March 12. Can't believe he is already 26! We went to Twiggs for dinner...

We got this Hot Rock and grilled our food on it.... yum.

3) Colorado

My family LOVES to ski - so Todd and I were blessed to be able to join my family on their vacation. We flew into Denver late on Saturday night and then rode on a shuttle to Keystone to stay at a condo with my family... all except Skyller :( I absolutely love this state! The mountains are absolutely breathtaking - and it always reminds me of how great and mighty God is. It is so awesome to be immersed in his creation with the incredible mountains, snow, trees and even creatures (we saw a mouse and a porcupine while skiing... which it is wierd to see an animal). The only downside about going into the mountain is altitude sickness... so for a few days we all felt a little icky getting used to being way above sea level. So we spent the week skiing (and snowboarding for Todd and my sis Dakota).

Here is a view... but pictures don't do it justice... it is just BREATHTAKING!!!

There is my little snowboarder! We have actually never been skiing/snowboarding together... so this was really fun to do this together!
Skier and snowboarder unite....

My sissy, Dakota
The other snowboarder :)

The family... missing Skyller :( We went out to Ruby Tuesday's to celebrate Todd's Birthday.

Everytime we go to Keystone, my mom, sister and I have to head over to Breckenridge and do some shopping. We always have to go to a little cookie shop and get our cookie.. they are incredible... :)

It was a really fun trip!
So that was a our March... hopefully I will get back to blogging better.... I have some projects I have been working on... so I will probably be blogging about that....

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