Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nursery Progress

Here are some pictures of the nursery so far!  The walls are finally painted and the crib is up. Thanks to my brother for helping us do some painting and the crib a couple weeks ago! 
 The guys and the completed crib. I haven't decided what side of the room to put it on yet, once I have the rest of the furniture for the room, then I would know better what to do with the crib. 

And here is what I accomplished Saturday. I have never done stripes on a wall... and I will think twice before attempting again. Wow what a project. It took the most time to measure out the stripes and get the straight lines drawn. The taping and painting did not take near as long. Even though it was alot of work, I am very happy with the results!  

The Closet. I painted the top the light gray and dark gray in the bottom - then there are my Ikea organizers. 

 The final paint job. More projects to come soon - well there better because this baby is coming soon! :)


  1. Wow your brother is handsome.

  2. Are you still going to use yellow with the greys? that will look very nice. I really like the stripes... they say babies like high contrast patterns to look at. I hope he is mesmerized enough to take long naps!! KarenFlynn

  3. Lenny PeppercornMay 2, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    The dude in the gray shirt looks weak..The dude in the red could totally throw him around.