Sunday, November 10, 2013

1 month old

I can't believe that my sweet little Sienna is already a month old - actually almost 6 weeks old. It has flown by, but yet at the same time, it seems like I have had her forever - that I have always known her beautiful little face. Of course I am back to taking monthly pictures. I am so glad I did this with Brecken and tried to document his milestones. I thought I would remember everything, but don't!

 I took weekly pictures for the first four weeks because little ones change so much in those first weeks. Thank goodness I only have to take them once a month now- I have been taking weekly pictures since February! 
Here are her weekly pictures...

Sienna has experienced many firsts and met many new people in the last 6 weeks. She has the sweetest little personality - Sweet Pea (what I call her sometimes) totally fits her. I cannot get enough of her snuggles; she is SO cuddly. I will totally miss this stage someday! She is a very good, content baby, able to sit for periods of time in her swing just looking around or sleeping. I am blessed that she sleeps well right now, only getting up once a night - thanks baby girl! She loves bathtime and like to just kick her little legs in the water. She is starting to smile and I can't get enough of that little grin. She is doing so well and we just can't get enough of those big brown eyes!

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