Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Months

I have every intention to blog more than I do... and then the end of the month comes around and I realize I need to get my monthly update posted for Sienna, realizing that nothing else got blogged. Oh well. I think things were a bit slower when she was a newborn/tiny baby! I think now that she is mobile... things are more interesting with two!

Seriously, time needs to slow down a bit. I am so glad we are done with that terribly long winter and on to summer, but this girl is growing up SUPER fast.

This girl is on the move - BIG time. She knows when I am gonna catch her and she crawls faster in an attempt to get away from me. She is now pulling up on everything and every single thing goes in the mouth. A moving baby and a messy toddler don't always work the best together. I've already fished things out of her mouth and don't think I will be done doing that for a long time.
Tooth #5 is pushing through. I would love to be done with teething for a while since it seems like it has been non-stop teething since the middle of March with her first tooth. She has not slept good since that first tooth poked through. I am convinced it is the teething, but maybe she just isn't a good sleeper anymore?

Loves/Learning: To do flips - I think we have a future gymnast because she loves hanging upside down and loves to do flips. She is great at giving sloppy open mouth kisses on command that I LOVE to get. Sienna loves taking baths and splashing in the water. She just loves her big brother and is fascinated by him, always watching and paying attention to what he is doing. She is starting to try to wave too.

Eat: She still is obsessed with puffs. She even gets excited when she sees the puff container. She is starting to love baby foods especially peaches, pears, apples and strawberries.

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