Monday, June 30, 2014

8 months

My little lovey is 8 months; 9 months tomorrow. This girl is developing quite a little personality and I just love it... and she is on the move big time these days...getting into a lot! She no longer likes to be held or contained - she just wants to be free to roam!

Loves/Learning to do: Sienna LOVES to be on the move crawling, pulling up on everything, and is starting to walk around things. She loves being in her little walker and runs around in it. She is fast in it but it hurts when she runs into you! Sienna says "mamamama" all the time and I absolutely love it! Not sure if she knows what she is saying but it warms my heart. Todd is working hard to get her to say "dada" but no such luck yet! I just love her grab-your-face-open-mouth-kisses and her goofy, cheesy smile. Her hair seems to be growing a bit and when it gets wet or sweaty looks a bit curly. I really hope she gets curly hair like I had as a kiddo!

Hates: Her carseat. Every time I need to put her in it, it is like a wrestling match with all the squirming and crying. She has started to cry when she is in it too. Bummer. She is starting to fuss or scream when she doesn't get her way - she has a little strong will to her!

Eats: She eats cherrios all the time. She loves puffs even more, but she polishes them off so fast that I don't buy them too often any more. She loves the cheese/garden veggie puff snacks that look like cheetos. Baby cookies are another favorite of her. She gets so excited when she sees the bag. Sienna tried cake this month and absolutely it. Her favorites foods are cheese, chicken, strawberries, bananas, avocados, and apples.

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