Monday, October 15, 2012

14 Months

So little man is, or I should say, was 14 months and time got away and I didn't get this posted sooner, and he is now 15 months. Actually, I haven't posted in over a month... oops. There will be more on why later... but let's get down to the 14 month facts.
 Learning to do: Talk!! In addition to hi, bye, ball and uh-oh, he says daddy constantly (sadly no mommy), paci, doggie and bapple (which is apple - but he uses it for every fruit and I think food in general). I have been trying to teach him some baby sign language since he was 6 months old and he has had the "all done" and "more" signs down for a while now, now he learned "food" and does the sign all. the. time.

Eats: Like I mentioned before- he learned how to do the sign for food and does it all the time. This kid must be on a growth spirt because it seems like he is hungry all the time. He used to be really picky and I fed him baby food quite a bit since he would just pick at his food like a bird. Now he is getting better at each on his own and not just baby food. He is obsessed with "bapples" (or apples) and loves crackers and ketchup.

Hates: He still hates being contained and sitting in his highchair for a long time. In the past month, he has cried when I have left him, particularly the church nursery. I guess he hates being away from his momma :)

Loves: This kid LOVES to dance. He prefers Mumford and Sons songs in particular. Anytime there is a song that comes on TV, ect, this kid breaks into a funny little dance. It cracks me up. He also loves to give high fives. Goodness, he seems so grown up!

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