Monday, November 12, 2012

15 months

15 months! All-in-all a pretty good month except for his 15-month check up and the fact that he got the stomach flu yesterday! The poor baby! It's the first time he's had the stomach flu and it is so hard to watch him be sick. I just feel so bad for him! He handled it like a little man. Wait what am I talking about... men don't handle being sick well... I guess handled it like a champ. :)

Loves: Drumming. He has a little drum I bought on a garage sale that has a rope around it so you can put it around your neck. He straps it on his neck and walks proudly around the house wearing and playing his drum.  He is also very chatty and loves to talk. I love listening in on him when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap and he just sits in his crib talking to himself in his adorable little toddler voice. 

Hates: He is starting to throw more small tantrums... so I guess he hates not getting his way.

Eats: Well, this month has been a struggle to get him to eat it seems. Maybe it's because I am so aware of every little thing he puts into his mouth. All it seems like he will eat lately is hot dogs, chicken nuggets, baby food, yogurt, applesauce and apples. Healthy, I know. My goal for 16 months... MAKE him like more foods. Easier said than done though, right?

Learning to do: This month he has added more words to his vocabulary. Still no mommy yet...maybe 16 months. I am hopeful. He learned to say grandpa/gumpa which sounds like "baapa", Elmo which is "Belmo" and "Boom."  He says "Buh-Bye" instead of just Bye and I love it when he says it loudly to people in the parking lot as we are leaving a store. Apple and Daddy are still his favorite words which he says all.of.the.time. He has learned a few  baby signs and has mastered "please" and does the sign when he wants something.  

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