Sunday, December 23, 2012

16 months

Ahh!! I have been SO SO SO bad with blogging lately. This month has been crazy. I feel like the whole fall has been busy, but especially December. I think this is probably the most busy December I've ever had, but I'm hoping for a quiet January! So I am really behind and Breck is already 17 months and has been for a couple week... but here is what happened when Brecken was 16 months. I hope I can remember everything... 

Likes: He started to like stuffed animals and will hug them and carry them around the house. He still loves his Cozy Coupe play car and will push it around the house and sit in in. He loves being chased and being tickled. 

Dislikes: He doesn't like his vegetables and he is a pretty picky eater right now. He does not like to get things on his hands. Any sticky food that gets on his hands, he starts having a bit of a fit.

Learning to do: He loves to say hi to strangers in restaurants or at Target.. and won't just say hi once. No, he will continue to say hi several times even if you ignore him. He learned where his eyes are and points to them and says "eyes." He likes to point (or poke) the eyes of whoever is hold him. I'm always amazed at the things he figures out to do just by watching us. He is constantly coming up with new words every couple days. I just love it.

Words: Buh-Bye, Coco (Aunt Dakota), Skye (Uncle Skyller), Paci, Coat, Go, No, Eyes and he was saying "Love you" for a day and now won't do it anymore. And still no mommy. 

And here is what really happens for our monthly photo shoots.....

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