Monday, June 10, 2013

22 months

I can't believe it is only a month before Brecken is 2 years old! I feel like 2 sounds so old... My baby is gone and being replaced by a little boy. Everyday he surprises me with something new he has learned. This stage is so fun, but when looking at pictures, I get a bit nostalgic and sad that I won't get to ever go back to the baby stage with him.

Loves: Not sure if much has changed in the last month, but he loves playing with his toys especially his tools, play food, cars and books. It warms my heart when he sits and looks at books on his own. He is obsessed with bicycles and freaks out every time he sees one. He also loves popsicles and baseball. I have a feeling he will love going to the pool - we went there for the first time today and he had a ball.

Learning to do/Words: This month has brought alot of fun new phrases. One of my favorites is "Help you" (instead of help me) when he needs help with something. He has also started saying "Oh my my" when something is wrong. A couple times when I have sneezed, he said "Bless you." His newest thing is saying "Brecky do it" when he wants to do something himself - especially every night when we go to brush his teeth. 

He is crazy about weight lifting. I think Todd lifted weights in front of him and watched a youtube video with him once or twice - then he was hooked. He calls it "Oooh Ahhs" and every time we pass the people working out when we go to the gym, he points and says "Ooh Ahhs!" I found him a few days ago, with a stick from a basket, laying on a floor pretending to bench weights - saying "ooh ahh." 

Another thing that cracked me up a couple weeks ago while I was having a garage sale, is he grabbed some bags and pretended to pick up dog poop in the grass. Wow, he watches what we do, just a tad too  much! 

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