Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Goals

Like I talked about in this post, May was a crazy month! :) 

Here were my May goals:

1. Of course continue to blog 3 x per week and exercise 3 x per week. Try to do some dates with my boys and write the two encouraging notes.
** Wasn't the best about blogging near the end of the month nor exercising either. I figure lugging around a toddler, doing the stairs multiple times a day and the normal daily household chores, I am getting exercise! Didn't do the best with dates either... 
2. Make curtains for family room and kitchen ** Nope! Maybe June! 
3. Organize all the different rooms of the house - find stuff to get rid of for a summer garage sale! I want to get the junk room completely cleaned out too! I want to start to plan and decorate some cute kids rooms this summer! *Junk room completely cleaned out!! Woohoo! It's been a mess from the day we moved 
4. Work on painting trim as much as possible. *Ummm... nope!
5. Try out a new cleaning schedule to make things go more smoothly.* Doing it this month! 

* I got everything sorted and cleaned out the junk room and had a garage sale. All unused stuff is gone from our house! :) That alone makes me feel like I had a successful month! 

June Goals:

1. Use up the Crest White Strips I have sitting around and try the Pinterest teeth whiting recipe..Maybe next month I will make a dentist appointment... :) 
2. Go on a weekly one-on-one date with Brecken and have a weekly date night with Todd.
3. House: Upstairs hallway painted, work on painting trim white on main floor, get curtains up in kitchen and family room, finish the small painting projects in the closets, get artwork done in the upstairs, and maybe start painting in the kid's rooms. I could keep going on and on.... I want to get alot done this month!  The clock is ticking til Sweet P arrives!
4. Since I have recently organized ALOT I only have the garage and tool bin left.  I am planning to do that in the next couple days. There are things that need to be organized better - but for now I am working more on decor! 
5. Stick to a cleaning plan this month! I have started the month good :)  
6. Write 2 encouraging notes
7. Blog three times a week8. Work out three times per week 
9.  Work on prepping the MOPS crafts for next year (where I will be serving at church in the fall...) 
10. Finish meal list, get better at meal planning and actually make dinner :)  
11. Focus on journaling when it comes to my devotions 
12. Finish the 08-09 Family Year book photo book
13. Read 2 - 3 Books. 

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