Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Before Baby" List

So I kinda haven't been good about getting my goals done or writing them down in July and August. Instead of having my list of things to accomplish according to my 2013 goal list, so far in August I have been focusing on my "before baby list" and will continue to chip away at this list in September as well!

Here is my basic list:
* Go through each room in the house and organize/deep clean everything! Then keep it all clean!
* Set up Brecken's big boy room
* Get Brecken used to his new big boy bed
* Get all the furniture for the Baby room
* Paint/get the furniture finished
* Set up and decorate the nursery
* Wash up all clothes, swing, bouncer, car seat
* Get Hair colored
* Get Maternity photos taken
* Make baby headbands
* Get my ducks in order for upcoming MOPS crafts
* Plan and get through the upcoming work events
* Pack my bags for the hospital
* Get a big brother gift from baby and gift from Brecken for Baby

I would love to get a ton more done! Like...
* Make lots of freezer meals
* Decorate Brecken's Room
* Master bathroom painted
* Finish painting the trim/doors in the upstairs hallway
* Paint the main floor bathroom
* Work on dining room
And, I am sure I can come up with 100 more projects to do if these get all done! :)

Let's hope that I can get a TON of things done!

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