Monday, February 4, 2013

Magnet Wall

So there is this large wall that kinda sticks out in the eat-in/dining area of the kitchen.  Behind this wall is the closet. At first I was going to do something really bold and do a chevron wall. The more I thought  of it, it seemed like it may be a little too busy with the backsplash we did in the kitchen (more on that later!!). I came up with the idea of doing a magnet/chalkboard wall. It would be the perfect wall to switch up decor and add seasonal/holiday touches. 

This is a picture of the plain, boring wall BEFORE:

 I had seen magnet paint on other blogs so I thought it would be a fun thing to try. Let me tell you that painting with magnet paint is FAR from fun. This paint is awful to paint with. First off, you need to mix the paint up really well to mix up the paint particles from the bottom. Then the directions say to put on thin layers, and that is what I did. I painfully painted the 3 layers and waited for it to dry. Ummm... problem. Magnets weren't sticking. Oh no!! I didn't wear gloves when painting and paid for it later when I couldn't get any of the paint off my hands. This is really messy paint. It is impossible to get off brushes and rollers, too.

After calling the company to see WHY magnets weren't sticking to the wall, I realized I didn't apply the correct amount of paint for the size of the wall. So off to the store I went to buy another quart of paint, and endure the three layer painting again. This time after it dried, I tried out the magnets and they stuck.  Top heavy magnets like bag clips don't stick to the wall, but magnets with a lot of surface area or really strong work ok. It defiantly isn't as strong as the fridge, but it works...

Things I Learned from Painting with Magnet Paint:
* Wear gloves when you use this stuff or you will be scrubbing for days.
* Use older brushes/rollers, ect when using magnet paint that you are ok with throwing away
* You need to read the box and buy the correct amount of paint
* This stuff is expensive - $20 per quart
* Magnets will stick - but not as good as a fridge.
* Magnet paint maybe isn't worth it :/

Now, I just need to get some cool magnets for Brecken to play with on the wall....

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