Sunday, February 10, 2013


I posted about my yearly goals awhile ago, but in order to keep my yearly goals, I am trying to downsize them into monthly goals so I don't get overwhelmed in November.

Here are my February goals:

1. Make dentist appointment 
2. Go on four one-on-one dates with Brecken and four dates with Todd: two in, two out
3. House: Hallways and Family Room painted and art/pictures up. Work on painting the trim in these areas as well.
4. Organizing: clean out "junk" room. There is a room in the house unused and stores all the things I don't have a place for yet.
5. Stick to a cleaning plan this month
6. Write 2 encouraging notes
7. Blog three times a week
8. Work out three times per week
9. Start class at church. My church is offering a class to discover my spiritual gifts and what I am passionate about and this lines up with my goal to write a purpose statement and discover my gifts/talents.
10. Make 7 freezer meals and start a list of meals I know how to make
11. Finish Bible by birthday - I started reading the Bible last birthday and I have a few books left til I read it all in a year. 
12. Organize the photos cds I have, and clean up photos on phone and computer
13. Finish Happy Moms book and 2 Karen Kingsbury Books
14. Plan a fantastic event for work. I am working on a HUGE fundraising carnival for the preschool I work for and this is big focus for the month. This is my added goal for the month! 

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