Thursday, January 10, 2013

13 for 2013

I love lists and making goals so New Year's is a perfect time to reflect on all the things I hope to accomplish in the coming year. If I post my goals online, there is a much better chance I will stick with them! So here are my 13 goals for 2013:

1. Read 26 Books 
That breaks down to two books per month, and I want one of those each month to be a non-fiction book.

2. Go to the dentist, fix my tooth, and whiten them
I hate going to the dentist... so I'm putting it on my to-do list so I feel accomplished when I go :) I also chipped my tooth a couple years ago and realized it was from grinding my teeth at I wanna get that fixed too. And whiten my teeth - I always forget to do that..but its something I should do!

3. Exercise 3 times per week
I know I could exercise more and its probably needed to get into better shape. I figure if I do it three times a week for at least an hour, then I don't need to worry about it and at least I am doing SOMETHING at this stage in life. I fell in love with Zumba and it makes working out fun - because usually I hate working out.

4. Come up with a purpose statement and family purpose statement based on strengths and talents
After reading about making a purpose statement in a couple of my Bible study books, I figure it would be a great thing to come up with. I want to come up with what I want to accomplish in life and maybe try to make sense of what God's purpose is for my life. Maybe a pretty lofty goal? :)

5. Blog at least 3 times per week 
I have been TERRIBLE at blogging - so I would like to be more consistent.

6. Do devotions everyday. Focus on my prayer journal and memorize a verse each month.
I started reading through the Bible at my birthday and I still have a bit left and then I read the Bible in a year. This year I will still read through different books of the Bible, but focus more on writing in my prayer journal. I used to memorize verses all the time as a child - this shouldn't stop just because I am an adult.

7. Write at least two encouraging notes per month
I want to get in the habit of writing little encouraging notes to others. Because, who doesn't like to get one of these?

8. Organize all paper, toys, junk, clothes, ect. 
I love organizing as much as I love lists. I want to go through everything we have and get rid of what's unneeded. Everything must have a home, otherwise it will find a new home even if that home is the trash or goodwill.

9. Make our house a home by decorating
Since we just moved in September, we have no art or photos up and everything is boring! I want to work on one room at a time and make things pretty!

10. Organize and document all photos
I take SO many photos and I snap many of the same photo to get the perfect shot. I need to go through these and clean up the duplicates. I also don't have any pictures in albums or books. Although I like to scrapbook, I want to make online photo books from the last few years of us being married and get all caught up on my books.

11. Make family binders 
I want to make two binders - an important paper binder - for an emergency, ect. it would be good to have everything in one place. I also want to make a household binder - with home fix-it numbers, cleaning charts and more.

12. Freezer cook 10 things a month and make a menu planner binder
Who doesn't love to pull dinner out of the freezer and in a few easy steps they have a fabulous, hot dinner? I would love to be better at this, hence the goal for the year. Also, when I am meal planning for the week, I have no idea what to make. I want to have a list of possible meals and recipes of my favorites off of pinterest.

13. Have weekly dates with Todd and weekly outings with Brecken
I really want to make a conscious effort to carve out weekly time with Todd and go out (without Brecken) twice a month and then the other two weeks do something in. Watch a movie, play a game, ect - but not have other distractions, like sitting on our phones, but instead get good quality time in together. I also want to take Brecken to do something special each week such as go a park, library, zoo, ect. It doesn't have to be anything crazy long or expensive - but just spend quality time with him.

So there we go. The list for 2013! Now, instead of planning, I better get doing!

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  1. Let me know if you need help with the art.