Thursday, January 24, 2013

Warrior Dash

So I've mentioned that I have been a little behind on this blog.... ok, alot behind. I just came across these pictures the other day and realized that I never posted about it. These are from September. Eek!

Todd and I ran the Warrior Dash in September together. It was a 5k and an obstacle course - nothing too crazy - but was enough for me! I talked about training for it here and the reasons for doing it.

Todd did the Tough Mudder in May and let me tell you - that looked brutal! This seemed like a breeze for him - especially because he stayed with me. I was the epitome of slow. I never walked but my running could have looked like a brisk walk. I got a cold that week and that messed up my training and then made running a bit more of a challenge. But I was determined to run. It was fun... after I finished. :) Not while running! The obstacle challenges were fun and some were pretty easy, like jumping over fire and lots of crawling in mud. That part was fun I guess!

So what did I learn about this?

1. That I could do what I set my mind to doing, even though I was ridiculously slow.
2. I was able to do a 5k, which I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime.
3. If you don't continue to run as a workout you lose your endurance... like super fast.
4. I hate running. At least I gave it a try. I think I will stick with the Zumba.

Ask me how many times I have ran since that day? Yup, a big fat 0.

So here are some pictures from that day!

the hubs and I before the race

our cheering section - my mom, Brecken, and my Aunt Darla 

getting crazy before the race with my crazy hair and brother

climbing a mud pile

favorite picture :) waving at my mom!

our group - our friends Amanda & Mike, the hubs and I, and my brother Skye
all dirty

Amanda & I 

muddy feet

my favorite little warrior


pretty proud of this medal

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