Tuesday, January 8, 2013

17 Months

Little man is 17 months and I must say that I have loved this month! It has probably been one of my favorites with Christmas and all the new things he is learning to do and his new words. 

Learning to do: 
He is at the stage where he tries to copy what we do. It's cute, but it's also scary. I better be careful with what I do. :) He has also started being able to do easy tasks - like the other day he found a piece of paper on the floor and threw it away. When he does things like that, it just reminds me that he isn't a baby anymore.  He can point out his eyes, nose, mouth and teeth are and can say them. 

Playing drums - he got a little drum set for Christmas and loves to annoy play for us
Cookies - He now knows that Target has cookies so when we go there he reminds me to get him one
Cars - He has started to love playing with cars. 
Books - He likes to sit and look at books in the chair in his room, and there is one book that he really likes and proclaims "oh, wow" every time he looks at it 
Watching videos of himself - He will sit and watch videos of himself for a long time. Which for him sitting for any period of time is amazing. 
Elmo - what kid doesn't love that fuzzy, red character? 

New words: 
MOMMY!! Finally! Although it sounds more like "Bobby" I still love to hear him say that! 
Cheese - Probably my favorite word he says because he says it in a funny way

Baby, Cars, Cookie....there are alot more that he says, but can't remember them all. He is constantly trying to mimic words of things I point out to him. 

Anything to get a picture of him...

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