Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It was my birthday last Thursday and this is how I celebrated it: 
Wednesday: Earlier that afternoon, I went out with my mother-in-law and sis-in-law for some afternoon appetizers and desserts at a quaint little restaurant, Zzest, as a little early celebration. That night, my sweet hubby took me out for a Valentine/birthday date to a fun restaurant in town, The Loop. 

The next morning, I attempted to make heart shaped pancakes for my loves. 

Little one sat on his potty with a sucker for a bit right after breakfast. Real life right here.

Ready for the day photo.

My sweet little valentine/date for the day!

We spent the morning at the mall...and had to get a little valentine treat at the candy store. 

Lunch at the mall.

Playing with "choo-choos" at Barnes and Noble 

 I got to spend the night of my birthday at Bible study with my friends and they made it so special for me. There was a cake, flowers (thanks Hannah!) and they all sang to me. They are so sweet! :) 

My little sweetie

The next night, my family came to see me and take me out for my birthday. We visited one of my favorites, the Redwood Room, which is a small, dark basement restaurant with lots of character and live music. We were seated close to where the musician was singing and Brecken would clap and yell "YAY" after each song. I think the singer liked all the attention. 

 Birthday dessert

And what birthday would be complete without a Scratch cupcake from my hometown? Wow. I never get sick of these!
All in all, it was a great birthday! I always love the extra attention of my birthday and all the extra love, calls, and texts it brings. I am one blessed girl. <3 p="">

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  1. The smiling picture of you and Brecken is the sweetest thing ever