Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brecken's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Brecken's 2nd birthday and we tried to make it a fun day for him. Here was his day captured by my iPhone.

He LOVES donuts, so instead of making him a cake, Todd got him a donut for breakfast AND he ate it in bed. Clearly, he was excited.

Putting together "track" which has been his favorite activity lately. 

After hitting some garage sales and having a complete two-year-old meltdown due to a bout of teething, we headed to the small local zoo that features Minnesotan animals. 

The Bear! 

Feeding the goats

Next, we got a happy meal and saw daddy for lunch. 

Then we went to Chuck E Cheese. I still have a bag of tokens from when I worked there ten years ago. It always brings back memories when I go back to a Chuck E. Cheese, and yes, they are still playing many of the annoying songs from when I worked there. 

Brecken had a fun time playing some games and going on rides. 

His morning of fun wore him out and he took a fantastic nap. 

We headed to the pool for some dinner and swimming after his nap.

He got to open one of his presents... 

A Cars rug with little cars! 

Even though he probably had no clue it was his birthday or what a birthday is, I think he had a fantastic day doing some of his favorite things.

Happy Birthday Brecken! 

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