Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Goals

These were my June Goals and here is what I got done.. 

1. Use up the Crest White Strips I have sitting around and try the Pinterest teeth whiting recipe..Maybe next month I will make a dentist appointment... :) Nope. 

2. Go on a weekly one-on-one date with Brecken and have a weekly date night with Todd.  Hung out alot with Brecken at the pool and parks. Didn't do as well with Todd dates...
3. House: Upstairs hallway painted, work on painting trim white on main floor, get curtains up in kitchen and family room, finish the small painting projects in the closets, get artwork done in the upstairs, and maybe start painting in the kid's rooms. I could keep going on and on.... I want to get alot done this month!More trim painted, curtains done and EAT sign done in the kitchen. I got both kid's rooms painted (technically July)... 
4. Since I have recently organized ALOT I only have the garage and tool bin left.  I am planning to do that in the next couple days. There are things that need to be organized better - but for now I am working more on decor! Garage and tools organized! 
5. Stick to a cleaning plan this month! I have started the month good :)  Did the cleaning plan and the house stayed surprisingly clean! :) 
6. Write 2 encouraging notes Yup! 
7. Blog three times a week Did well until the end of the month...
8. Work out three times per week Did pretty good... 
9.  Work on prepping the MOPS crafts for next year (where I will be serving at church in the fall...) Nope
10. Finish meal list, get better at meal planning and actually make dinner :)  Getting a bit better at meal planning.... Lots of room for improvement 
11. Focus on journaling when it comes to my devotions Some... 
12. Finish the 08-09 Family Year book photo book These take a long time... so I did a little progress... 13. Read 2 - 3 Books Read No More Perfect Moms... Such an awesome book... I want to dive more into this book on this blog... 

Here are my July goals: 

1. I have a dentist appointment made for the middle of July... I am dreading to go... I think I have some cavities! 

2. Todd and I went out to dinner twice, had a lunch out and an ice cream date out while Brecken was at my parent's house. We probably will go out on another date, but we did really well the first part of the month. I am planning to take Brecken to the pool a few times and maybe the local zoo. 
3. My goal is to get alot of painting done! Ideally, I would like to get most of the trim painted upstairs, the rest of the trim painted on the main level, the dining room painted, the living room painted and the kid's bathroom painted. 
4. Work on organizing recipes.
5. Continue to do a cleaning plan!
6. Write 2 encouraging notes.
7. Blog 3 times per week
8.Work out 3 times per week
9. Work on planning Mops crafts
10. Finish meal plan idea sheets, make a recipe binder, and work on meal plan board.
11. Focus on a prayer journal when I do my devotions.
12. Work on 08-09 Family Year book.
13. Read 2 - 3 Books. 

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