Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby Sweet P

So by now I think everyone has heard about our great news that our little family will be growing here in July. We are so excited to have a baby and now everytime I see someone else's baby I want to meet our little one! I am getting anxious and I am only 14 weeks! But soon it will be 7/7/11 before we know it and Sweet P will be here! So I thought I would share some pictures from the day we found out in October that we were going to parents!

So this is the morning we found out we found out we were preggo! We suspected that we could be pregnant the day before and bought the test but it said it was best to take it in the morning. That night before we could not sleep and kept waking up in anticipation to take the test. You can tell in the picture that we look a little sleepy - but yet excited! You can suspect it is coming but it still is shocking to see that plus sign saying you are pregnant! 

I took another pregnancy test later when I got home from work. You can tell it clearly says "pregnant"

 We went our for a celebration dinner to Victoria's and then took some pictures with our sticks. 

Can you sense our enthusiasm? :)

We went out and bought a baby onesie that says "Big Deal like my Daddy" 


 A few weeks later (8 weeks) we got to see Sweet P for the first time. I think this is such a cute picture and you can even see its tail it still had back then! 

At our last appointment at 12 weeks we got to hear the heartbeat. That was cool to hear the heartbeat even though it was really faint. I have another appointment in a week and then a couple weeks after that we will get to figure out what we are having!! We are excited to find out what we are having. I finally want to start picking out some baby clothes and plan the nursery but have been holding off. I am sure there will be more photos and stories to come! :) 


  1. love sweet baby P and you guys! Praying the Lord will give you a healthy baby1

  2. Thank-you Todd for your big deal face.