Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Curtains!

So I did a little work in my bedroom today. I have had these new curtains I have been meaning to put up for months and finally I was productive! :) I love productive days like today! 

So here is the before shot of one side of our bedroom- since we have been in our house (believe me there are other before pictures I will show later!) I got the boring curtains for $2 - but have gotten their money's worth in the last couple years. I didn't like the heavy closet doors and they always stay open (I think that is the 5th time in the history of living in this house that those closet doors have been shut.)

A shot of both closet doors. The brown just doesn't go with the colors. 

So here is what I did today! I really wanted heavy black curtains and it was hard to find them for some reason. After looking for a bit, I found these faux silk curtains in a really long length at for $20 a piece. Pretty good deal if you ask me! They are really nice heavy fabric and have an inside white liner. I have had these for months - I just HATE hanging things - but I found these tracks for curtains from Menards yesterday. All you do is hang the three mounts to the ceiling and pop the track in and it has all the clips attached. You just clip the curtains in and the curtains can easily slide back and forth. 

I also hung some wedding photos in the corner. It is about time I am getting those put up too.

Here is a shot of the his and her closets half open.

I really think it gives the room a nice chic look It also seems like the ceiling is taller with the floor to ceiling curtains. Finally I will "shut" my closet doors because they are so easy to pull back and forth.  This is one of the last projects I am finishing up of my mini makeover of my bedroom. More pictures of the whole bedroom soon!

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