Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Deals!

I love good deals. I remember going to Old Navy last January and randomly finding 5 things for $10 on their incredible clearance sale. I was pretty pumped so I thought I would tuck that memory away for next January. Enter this weekend - I heard that Old Navy had all their clearance on sale for an additional 40% off. Woohoo! Here is what I got - it was not quite as good as last year (last year they did an additional 50%) - but still... pretty good deals. 

I had actually had my eye on these two items and got them for cheap. The striped shirt was under $3 and the cardi was about $8

Got the tanks for about $2 - $3 each. Always can use more tanks! 

I tried some Maternity Dresses on that were on Clearance and they looked like really frumpy on me at this point - I did find this dress for $3 that I think can still be a "maternity" dress and be wearable after baby too.

Speaking of Maternity. I got Maternity Jeans. You can't pass up $7 for stretch jeans that I will probably be forced to by someday... 
And no I don't really have a "baby bump" yet... so it might be a while til these get worn.

And I couldn't resist.We aren't sure what it is yet- but I think these could be gender neutral even though they were from the boy's section. They both have little bear ears. SO CUTE!

Todd went the next day and got some cheap jeans, a sweater, button down shirt and sweatshirt. Believe me - we will always remember this awesome sale and hopefully get even better buys in the future!

What about you? Any awesome sales you always look forward too?

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  1. The day after Christmas Gymboree brings out all their summer stuff that didn't sell and its marked for $3-$5. They also do it in the summer I guess for winter. I still have to find out when that sale is. Definitely will be hitting up those sales more than once.